Camper Rental Self Drive Tips for Namibia, enjoy your holiday !

by / Tuesday, 28 November 2017 / Published in Africamper 4x4 Camper Rentals, Botswana, Namibia

Explore self-drive Namibia safaris and discover why this is the better option for Africa travel.

Reason #1: First time self-drive African travelers.

Namibia is a brilliant destination for anyone who has never self-driven in Africa before (and if you have, why join a tour?). Namibia is safe and has a well maintained road system. Even as these facts are reiterated time again, travelers share the same concern: Are the roads well signposted?

The answer is yes. Sign posts are great, up-to-date, and well marked. The fact that there are few other roads to confuse the self-drive traveler helps as well. If your concerns are still causing sleeplessness nights, the majority of car hire companies provide maps that are reliable and extremely accurate. In the case that this is still not enough, GPS navigation systems can be rented by your car hire company for as little as US$40 per day.

Camps and lodges nest in the far corners of the country and petrol stations are sometimes far between. It’s best to fill up on petrol when you come across one. The chances are that the next filling station isn’t for hundreds of kilometers; it is better to be safe than sorry.

A reputable car hire company will provide you with multiple spare tires, larger/extra fuel tanks, and all the necessary tools, such as jacks, in the event that your vehicle manages to fail you somehow.

Reason #2: One of Africa’s safest destinations

Regarded as one of Africa’s safest destinations to travel, Namibia is perhaps the safest in all of Africa to conduct a self-drive safari. Boasting first world infrastructures, impeccable road conditions, telecommunications and reliable electrical power, Namibia is a popular safari destination.

With Independence coming to this nation in 1990, it has since peacefully re-elected a head of state every five years. In addition, English is the national language, and crime is extremely low. These reasons alone, allow you to relax in unspoiled natural beauty, pamper yourself with first-class service, and experience African comfort in the same eloquently rustic African safari atmosphere.

Reason #3: Choose between self-drive Namibia safaris well traveled or off the beaten path roads

With Namibia’s world class infrastructure choose between paved (tarred) roads, maintained and popularly traveled, gravel roads and visit Namibia’s highlights. Take the road less traveled in Kaokoland or stay to the more popular routes through Etosha. Mix and match and take the roads less traveled in reliable and properly equipped 4×4 vehicles that offer the more smooth ride.

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