Terms & Conditions


  • Pick up and Drop off are possible in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Windhoek
  • Minimum rental duration is 14 days
  • Pick up and Drop off days are included in rental duration
  • Persons renting cannot be younger than 25 and not older than 75 years of age

Insurance/Comprehensive Cover

  • Is included in the rental fee with excess of R 8000
  • Persons renting vehicle are responsible to pay excess until damage and responsibility has been cleared
  • Not all Southern African vehicles are insured and it is also NOT compulsory to be insured against third party property. It is therefore at times impossible to recover from these drivers, even through the legal system. LIABILITY MUST NOT BE ADMITTED OR ANY OF SETTLEMENT MADE.


Persons renting are liable for all damages to AfriCamper vehicles.  Willful damage includes but is not limited to:

  • If contract Terms & Conditions are not held
  • Damages that occur through willful or reckless neglect
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Driving on restricted, inaccessible or closed roads
  • Damage to windscreens and tyres
  • Water-Damage, Fire-Damage, Damage of vehicle interior, camping structures, entire camping equipment
  • Deliberate violation of the law (Parking tickets, etc.)
  • Personal belongings
  • Sitting or standing on the bonnet or the roof of the vehicle
  • Damaging the gearbox due to incorrect use of the clutch/handbrake
  • Seizing an engine due to incorrect use of vehicle or supplements
  • Failure to stop driving when a dashboard warning light indicates a problem
  • Falling asleep or driver’s fatigue
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road

Should the above mentioned happen, an additional excess will be charged to cover these costs. These damages will not be covered by the Comprehensive insurance cover or the Rental fee


  • Should the vehicle be involved in an accident, a replacement vehicle can, if available, be fetched by the nearest Depot. All incurred expenses are carried by persons renting.
  • Should the Persons renting wish the replacement vehicle to be delivered, then these expenses will be charged.
  • Persons renting are responsible for salvaging and bringing the vehicle back to the Pick up Depot. All incurred expenses are carried by persons renting.
  • Should Persons renting be not-willing or incapable of taking a replacement vehicle, no refunding of rental fees (for ending the contract earlier) will take place.
  • No refunding of rental fees will take place for lost days due to an accident, or time lost for organizing the replacement vehicle.


  • Minor repairs up to R500, can be done without the permission of AfriCamper, and will be reimbursed after presenting the invoice.
  • Any problems associated with the vehicle, including equipment failure, must be reported to AfriCamper as soon as possible and within 24 hours in order to give the company the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental. We do not accept liability for any claims submitted after this period.
  • Faults with the radio, air conditioning or refrigerator are not classified as breakdowns; no refunds will be made for repair time on these items.

Replacement Vehicles

  • In case of unexpected circumstances, AfriCamper holds the right to replace the vehicle with a similar or higher quality vehicle. This is not a breach of contract and does not allow Persons renting a discount or reimbursement.
  • Should the hirer continue with a replacement vehicle then a new rental agreement needs to be entered into where payment of another excess will apply.

Road Restrictions

  • Vehicles are allowed to travel in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. They are NOT allowed in Angola, Mozambique or Malawi. Zimbabwe and Zambia on request only. Should the vehicle cross the borders of these restricted countries, the vehicle will no longer be insured.
  • AfriCamper holds the right to restrict travel in certain areas due to weather conditions, political circumstances or other particular reasons at any time.
  • There are areas that are not suitable for driving with a Buschcamper, and therefor prohibited. These are: Van Zyl’s Pass (Namibia).


The Insurance Excess of ZAR 8.000,- is to be left as a deposit at the Pick up of the Vehicle.

It can be paid:

  • at Pick up, in Cash, with Credit Card
  • 7 days prior by bank transfer

Only Mastercard and VISA are accepted.

One-way Rental

One-way rental is not inclusive of the rental fee, and is available on request.

Cancellation/Right of Withdrawal

  • Should the vehicle be brought returned earlier than agreed upon, no reimbursement will be made.
  • In the case of cancellation 15 days before the Pick up of the vehicle, 20% of the total amount will not be reimbursed, 14 days prior to reservation 100%.

Exchange Rate

Exchange rate fluctuation of more than 20% (EUR/ZAR) between Camper booking and Camper Pick up Date, will be adjusted accordingly. Applies for Restpayment only.

Source: http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ ————- interbank rate