Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive through Moremi NP / Botswana, Chobe NP / Botswana or Caprivi Strip / Namibia between the months of December and February?

Basically yes, but it is strongly advised to inform yourself in advance if the National Parks are open and which areas are closed due to flooding. The best way is to ask other travelers; not necessarily only the local population.

When is the best time to travel in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana?

In principle, all countries in southern Africa are best to travel throughout the year. Recommended is the dry season (May-November), as the wildlife observations are better.

When is the best time to travel outside the high season?

We recommend traveling in the month of June.

May I camp “Wild” in Southern Africa?

No, you must always stop over at campsites for safety reasons.

Is there an age restriction for rentals?

The minimum age of the main driver and contract partner is 25 years and the maximum age is 75 years. You can contact the reservation office for special cases.

Will winter nights be cold in Southern Africa?

Yes, temperatures can drop slightly below 0 degrees at night.

How can I pay the final payment of the vehicle rental on site?

You can pay with Visa & Master card. For credit card payments, however, a service fee of 3% is added if you pay on the day of Pick up.

Can I extend my vehicle rental at short notice?

The reservation office must be contacted at least 24 hours in advance to request a possible extension.

Can Africamper book accommodation and camping?

Unfortunately not. Africamper does not reserve any lodging or national parks as we are a camper rental, and not an agency or travel agency.

Does Africamper also rent out satellite phones?

Unfortunately not. However, we can recommend the company which can deliver and collect from us. However, you will need to book it directly with them.

Can I rent a “Hi-Lift Jack”?

Unfortunately not, because too many customers have been injured in the handling thereof. Therefore we do not rent out Hi-Lift Jacks anymore.

Can I pick up the vehicle before 8.00 am and leave it after 4.00 pm?

No. Please note the respective opening hours of the depots in the offer, especially on weekends and public holidays (differ from normal opening hours)

Does Africamper charge an extra fee for vehicle delivery and delivery on weekends?

No, Africamper charges no extra fees.

Can another person who is not listed in the rental agreement pick up or drop off the vehicle?

Unfortunately, no.

How many drivers per car can be registered in the contract?

A maximum of 2 drivers can be entered. The second driver is free of charge.

Do I have to pay extra for the final payment with credit card?

Africamper will charge no extra fee if the balance is paid 7 days in advance. If the payment is done at the Depot, a service charge of 3% is charged. As an alternative you can pay in Euro cash, or do a bank transfer up until 7 days in advance.

When is my reservation guaranteed?

When your deposit of 20% of the total rental price has been received by us.

Can I reserve a vehicle as an option?

Only with agreement of the reservation office

Where do I have to pay the Shuttle?

Please settle any Shuttle costs directly with the driver.

Can I drive to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique by vehicle?

No, unless prior arrangement before your booking with the reservation office. Additional fees are applicable, and restrictions are valid.

Can I decide to travel to Zimbabwe, Zambia or Mozambique during my trip?

No, there is no insurance cover.

Which vehicle papers do I need to drive to Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho?

You do not need additional papers to travel to these countries. In our contract we include a “Letter of Authority” which allows you to travel in these countries.

Is Africamper additionally charging “Cross Border Documentation” or extra insurance fees?

No, Africamper does not charge Cross Border Documentation Fees or supplementary insurance for Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Are road charges (Cross Border Road Tax) for Southern Africa included in the rental price?

No. At all national borders road tolls are due for each vehicle crossing the borders, and clients are liable for these costs (not Africamper!). The fees can only be paid in cash at the border and the amount depends on where you are going. Additional insurance (eg. Third party) that you want/must purchase at some borders will not be reimbursed by Africamper. All our vehicles are fully insured for Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

How much time does the vehicle handover take?

The handover of the camper will take 1.5 – 2 hours

Do I need an International Driver’s License?

Not if your driver’s license says in English “Driver’s License”. Otherwise you need an international Driver’s license.

How big is the sleeping area in the tent of the vehicles?

The sleeping area in the tents is 2.3m long and 1.4m wide

Does the refrigerator also work on 220 volts?

Yes, but it is wired to run off 12V (an additional battery is in the vehicle for this, and the lights)

How old are the vehicles?

Our vehicles are from new to a maximum 3 years old and have a max. mileage of 150 000km

Can I rent a vehicle with automatic transmission?

Yes, we have vehicles with automatic transmission. We are happy to note your request in the reservation but cannot guarantee 100% availability if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Is the gas in the gas bottles included in the rental price?

Yes, 2 gas bottles with 3 kg of gas each are included in the vehicle rental.

Has the navigation device in the vehicle loaded the maps from “Tracks4Africa”?

No, unfortunately not. Our navigation devices are from “Garmin” and have their own map material from southern Africa. It is not possible to load T4A on top of it.

Can I drive through water/rivers with the vehicle?

Only with extreme care! The maximum depth that the vehicle can drive through is knee-high water depth. This means: first walk through the water to determine the depth and firmness of the ground. If vehicle damage or electronic damage occurs due to water that enters the drivers cabin, the insurance company is not liable, and the damage must be carried in full by the renter.

Do I need sand ladders / sand tracks in addition to the vehicle equipment?

If you drive to remote areas where there is deep or soft sand, we recommend renting sand tracks in addition to our normal inventory (see price list for cost).

Are table lamps or flashlight, towels and sleeping bags included in the vehicle equipment?

Please bring your own lamps/torches and towels with. Sleeping bags are included in the camping equipment.

In which language is the vehicle handover?

German or English

Is the vehicle fuel tank full at the time of Pick up?

No. The fuel tank should be returned as it was taken over when the vehicle was handed over.This might be between ¼ and ¾ full.

Can the Insurance Excess be reduced to ZAR 0?

Not with Africamper directly. The Insurance Excess is ZAR / N $ 8000. You could however take out travel insurance (rental protection) in your home country, which will reimburse the excess in the event of a claim.

Does Africamper book the full Excess from my credit card when picking up a car?

The Insurance Excess is only reserved on the credit card, not booked off.

Is the Insurance also liable for wildlife damage?

Yes, the insurance covers any wildlife damage.

Is the Insurance Excess debited when the question of guilt is not clear?

Yes, the Excess is debited in the event of a claim until it is determined who is guilty. Accordingly, the Excess might be refunded. Unfortunately this assessment of the Insurance company can take several months.

Does the insurance cover my personal belongings, which have been damaged / lost in case of burglary or accident?

Unfortunately, the insurance is not liable for personal effects.

Does the insurance pay the towing costs in the event of an accident?

No, towing costs in the event of an accident is carried by the vehicle renter.

Does the insurance pay for damage caused by water?

Unfortunately, the insurance does not pay for any water damage. The damage must be carried fully by the vehicle renter.

Does the insurance pay for glass and tire damage?

No, only in case of an accident or if you have taken up the optional Additional Insurance for Tires and Windscreen.

How long can it take for me to get my Excess reimbursed after an accident where I was not at fault?

Once the opposing insurance pays, the Excess will be refunded.

Can I take out the Additional Insurance for Tires and Windscreen during my rental period?

Unfortunately not. The insurance must be completed at the latest when the vehicle is picked up.

Is a liability insurance included in the vehicle rental and in what amount?

Yes, third-party insurance is inclusive of vehicle rental. All vehicle liability claims are insured up to a maximum of ZAR 8 million.

Personal injury is unlimitedly covered by the state Road Accident Fund.